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4 Things To Do For Your Husband Today

You've been wanting to do something kind for your husband, but it keeps getting pushed to the side. Take a moment today and try these super quick ways to make his day:

I. Pray

Take a few minutes and pray for your husband. What better way to bless him?

II. Food

I don't know about your guy, but mine likes to eat. Make him a special lunch and send it to work with him. Include a note in it!

III. Tidy his socks and underwear drawer

I admit, it sounds lame - but have you seen my bedroom? Socks and underwear get the least attention of all things laundry in my home. In fact, I'm not sure we even have a sock or underwear drawer so much as we have a sock and underwear "bucket". And even then, sometimes the socks and underwear just reside in a laundry basket - the homeless of the household laundry. Take 10 minutes and find a match for his socks, possibly even employing the children to help. When he's getting ready for work in the morning, he may truly appreciate this useful act of kindness.

IV. Free Time

I remember the days of three children under the age of four. I could not wait for my excellent husband to walk through the door, if for no other reason, to have an adult to talk to! But now and then I could tell he needed some time with the boys (and not our toddlers, but his buddies!). Arrange a time for him to enjoy time with his friends or play a round of golf.





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