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During Times of Waiting, Persevere With Hope

Personal study for today.

During times of waiting . . . TRUST.

Persevere with hope as you wait for Him.

Take your hands off the situation and allow God to work through your circumstances.

BUT you can, and should, continue to grow spiritually during this quiet period by immersing yourself in His word and in prayer to develop your faith, hope, and perseverance.

Incorporate scripture into your life.

Have faith the Father is working on your behalf. He is.

Take hold of the promises He's given you in scripture.

Trust His promises and your hope will grow.

Then, you will face your waiting with endurance.

He never falters in fulfilling His word.

He will not fail you now.

Trust Him and you will be blessed.

Endure, walking in His will - no matter what happens or how long it takes.

He has blessings planned for you.

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