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God's love manifest in us

Isn't it amazing, and sometimes so hard to understand - God's love for us? He shows us a love that humans cannot show others in our own strength. Only one man on earth - Jesus - was able to live such a life of love.

But when we yield to the Holy Spirit we can see these characteristics of love manifest in us.

When we are "in the Spirit" . . .

. . . we can endure criticism quietly

. . . we can handle disapproval and misunderstanding patiently

. . . we are more patient and kind

. . . we are not jealous, but rather happy for others

. . . we can be kind even when we have been wronged

. . . we are humble

When we are abiding in the Spirit our lives are more fruitful, our actions speak louder than words, and our works and lives glorify the Father.

Will you yield to the Spirit today and be slow to anger? Ask our God to help you do so!

Father, help me abide in Your Spirit today & use me to show kindness to others even if I'm wronged in any way.


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