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God Will Overcome

After losing his only child to an illness and then decades later his wife to another long illness, an old man sold his home and moved to the seaside to live in a very small, but comfortable cottage. His needs were met by the money earned selling fish caught in a well-used net from his weathered, but rugged boat.

He was a man of faith, and though his faith had been tested over the years, he clung to the hope that one day he would meet his Lord and be at eternal peace. Despite his life’s losses he plodded along faithfully staying in God’s word and spending time with Him daily on the sea.

One cold, foggy morning the old man went out early for his daily catch but when a fierce storm kicked up unexpectedly, the man - who was an expert seaman - became terrified as the boat tossed in the angry waves. He was alone in the midst of the sea and began to feel adrift, anchorless. Suddenly nothing was visible or familiar. He strained as he rowed but was powerless against the raging storm. Fear gripped him and soon turned to panic as he realized he had no control over his circumstances.

The humble shall see this and be glad;

And you who seek God, your hearts shall live.

Cold, exhausted, and at the end of himself he stopped struggling against the waves and sought God.

But from there you will seek the LORD your God, and you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul.

A peace flooded over him that was stronger than the salty water crashing around him. Suddenly, miraculously, the waves calmed and the fog gave way so the man could see the shore. He had not been tossed any farther than where he had started out, though it seemed during the storm that he would never return.

While sitting in his cozy chair that evening next to the fire he’d made, the old man realized that storms come unexpectedly and his human response was, despite his faith, to panic. In the midst of his overwhelming despair he remembered to seek God. As he warmed himself, and with his Bible at his side, he rested knowing that storms come but God will overcome.


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