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Healthy Husband Snacks!

If your excellent husband is anything like mine, he likes to eat. Rob's downfalls are potato chips, Doritos, tortilla chips, etc. For me it would be ice cream, but for Rob it's anything salty and crunchy.

Even though the Dad Bod is in, Rob is looking to shed a few pounds. So to help him accomplish his goals, I make him a little paper sack filled with healthier snack options that he can eat at his desk at work. These beat the snack machine or a quick trip for a fast food burger. (*cool update! My husband lost 15 lbs in a month eating better snacks!)

Here are some ideas for healthy snack pack sacks, both sweet and salty :


Homemade or store-bought jerky

Yogurts (I make mine in little jars)


Wasa light rye crackers with a side of cream cheese




GORP (Good Ol' Raisins and Peanuts)

Hard boiled egg

Veggies with dip

Dried fruits

Fresh fruits

Hummus and veggies

I like to use glass Mason jars because, although there's a small start-up cost, they are environmentally friendly and re-usable.

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