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Our New Smoker

We have two grills in our yard upon which we enjoy making a variety of delicious foods. But what husband is happy with just two grills? Not mine! My excellent husband just purchased not one, but TWO smokers on Letgo for a total of $45. Next up he'd like a flat top grill, but that will be another post because Father's Day is just around the corner (shhhh!).

Check out the delicious beef brisket pictures. All we did was put salt and pepper on the meat and smoke it for 16 hours. WOW! It was truly an amazing result. We served the meat with lots of veggies from the garden and farmer's market.

Here's a link to Amazon for the smoker we're currently using. Check local used markets for ones that people are selling - you'll likely find a great deal.

Let us know your favorite smoker recipes or any advice you might have. The art of smoking foods has been a fun one to learn!


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