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Q & A With Crystal: Starting at the Beginning

Crystal is beautiful inside and out, and you can read about how you are beautiful, too, here! One fun thing for me about having Crystal join the blog is that I feel like I have a beauty expert who can answer all my silly questions. I'm already dying to ask questions about lashes, but I'm going to restrain myself for now because I'd love to start at the beginning.

Crystal, can you tell us about being a girly girl in a house full of men? You are married and have four handsome, active, boy-ish boys. You even have a boy dog! Yet, you enjoy makeup and all things pretty. How do you balance it out? Are there any challenges?

I am such a girly girl! I would twirl around in a tutu every day if it was socially acceptable. Ha! If I’m being honest, sometimes it’s hard to be the only girl in the house. Wrestling and playing war...even watching tv has become a full contact sport in our house. I’ve had to learn to embrace the crazy and noise and holy cow, testosterone competitiveness! I want my boys to be boys. Being in this total boy world though, I have learned to preserve who I am. Every day I do my makeup and hair, for me and me alone. It’s my moment to be girly and play dress-up. It keeps me balanced as we run from sporting event to sporting event. It allows me to still be me. My boys know that this is important to me. It‘s common for my boys to ask me if I’m wearing lipstick after I have kissed them so they can know to wipe it off or not. On days where everything is boy centered, I’ll often come home and put on a face mask or paint my nails. My boys are no longer shocked at mud masks- you are welcome future wives! So maybe I have the best of both worlds? I can throw a spiral while rocking a smokey eye.


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