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Resources for Keeping Children Busy During Quarantine

We homeschooled our children for 13 years and are no strangers to fun, but educational, websites. Please visit some of these for fun ideas for you and your children. As with all our posts, we'll get right to it!

Art Projects for Kids - engaging and do-able projects

Classics for Kids - learn about a classical composer or two

The Story of the World - history in story form. The Student Pages bring this curriculum to life

History from Homeschool in the Woods - hands down in my top three favorites. Downloadable projects. Time Travelers, Project Passport, Lap Paks, and A La Carte

Science Buddies - hands-on science resources for home and school

Ted-ed - discover new things here

Khan Academy - keep up those skills in math and so much more

Veritas Press - lots of classical educational resources. Another favorite.

Scholastic - learn-at-home free classes

BrainPop - accessible and engaging learning

Spelling City - practice skills in spelling, vocabulary, and grammar

Quizlet - create flashcards or check out some made by others

Code - how about learning to code some Minecraft or other games?

Build a Shelter! get outdoors and build a shelter or watch an informative video

Virtual Museum Tours - List found here


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