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Things Which Cannot Be Shaken

Everything changes.

Nothing is stable.

Y E T : There are things which cannot be shaken!

If all the things that can be shaken were taken away, we can take comfort from the things which canNOT be shaken. Those things which will remain.

Whatever losses we have, we enjoy present salvation.

Stand at the foot of His cross.

Trust alone in the worthy blood of Jesus.

Nothing can interfere with out salvation. No loss, financial burden, health crisis, marital problem. Nothing.

We are children of God. He is our Father. No change or circumstance can take that away.

He is your Father, my Father, our Father. In my Father's house there are many mansions therefore I will not be troubled.

I have Jesus's love. Nothing can change that.

My beloved is mine and I am His.

We cannot lose our inheritance.


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