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We're Average!

Our main reason to blog here at The Excellent Wife is to encourage other women. There are pretty blogs all over the Internet but, while Crystal and I love pretty things, this blog might not be the most beautiful you'll find. Nor will it have a consistent amount of posts per week. We'll do our best to spell things correctly, use proper English, and not split our infinitives but you may find some errors here and there. And if Wix doesn't have an easy blog app for it, you might not see it on our site because we're not the most tech-savvy excellent wives around! (To be honest, we do most of this from our phones or a Chromebook!)

We love to cook and bake, but our photos will likely be taken with an iPhone and posed on our kitchen tables! Our food posts probably will not be accompanied by a short story of how we came to find the ingredients because we'd rather share the recipe than take two weeks to write about it. (It takes us both a while between life's activities to write any post at all!)

All this to say that as busy moms and wives, we want to provide some solid biblical encouragement as we post on food, life, beauty, and such but we're just regular gals with busy lives. So we hope you'll enjoy what we share despite it's occasional messiness, blurry or dark photos, and lack of fancy technology! Mostly, though, we'd like to hear from you - other every day wives and/or moms. Join our community, sign up for our email (bottom of the screen), and let us know you're out there.

Many blessings,



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Apr 16, 2019

Totally average over here!

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