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Whole Wheat Bread from Milled Wheatberries

If you mill your own wheatberries, then this is the easiest and most delicious homemade whole wheat bread. Why mill your own wheat? When you do, the bran and germ get milled right into the flour which makes for the most nutritious bread around. Normally, with the flour you buy in the grocery store, the germ and bran are separated from the flour because they go rancid faster than the flour does.

This recipe is for a heavy duty electric mixer that can accommodate 12 cups of heavy flour. These mixers are expensive, but if you are interested in healthier breads, then it's worth the investment.

In the bowl of your mixer add 4-1/2 cups hot water, 4 teaspoons of salt, 2/3 cups of honey, and 1/4 teaspoon vitamin C powder. Mix to combine.

Add 6 cups freshly milled wheat flour.

Add 1 tablespoon instant dried yeast. Mix in. Let rest 10 minutes.

Add 6 more cups of freshly milled wheat flour. Knead for 6 minutes.

Divide the dough into 6 mini bread loaf pans (sprayed with cooking spray). Place the bread in the cold oven (do not turn it on).

Let bread rise for one hour. Turn oven on to 350 degrees (leaving bread in the oven) and bake for half hour till bread is golden and cooked through.

This is the hard part. Let the bread cool for about 20 minutes so the insides get a chance to settle! Then slice it up and smother it with butter and honey or use in mini sandwiches.

Experiment with larger loaf pans once you get the hang of the recipe!

List of ingredients:

4-1/2 cups hot water

4 teaspoons salt

2/3 cup honey

1/4 teaspoon vitamin C powder (optional)

12 cups of wheat flour, divided

1 tablespoon dry instant yeast


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