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Foundation 101: Breaking Down The Basics

{stay tuned for Foundation 102: Application)

What's the purpose of foundation?

Foundation is applied to the skin in order to create an even complexion and cover flaws such as acne or hyperpigmentation. Your foundation shade should be the same color as your skin tone so it blends nicely onto your face and doesn’t leave a vast color difference between where it is applied and where it is not. Foundations can contain bonus ingredients that allow it to double as a moisturizer or sunscreen, and can act as a base layer for other cosmetics such as concealer, blush, bronzer or highlighter. Honestly though, foundation is not all that necessary if you don't need that extra coverage. If you have fairly even skin tone, sometimes all you need is maybe a little concealer for under your eye area or for any blemishes.

What forms does it come in?

Foundations come in liquid, cream, powder, or stick form. Which form you choose is more based on personal preference and how comfortable you are with using that particular product. Don’t be afraid to venture out! Foundations can come as a tint/tinted moisturize, BB or CC cream, light to medium coverage and full coverage. Tints or tinted moisturizers are pretty sheen and only give a veiled coverage. I like to use a tint when I’m heading to the gym or just out running errands. I feel like they give you a nice healthy subtle glow. BB cream is for blemish prone skin and has ingredients to help combat those skin problems. CC creams aid in color correcting if you have some discoloration. I personally recommend a light to medium coverage foundation for every day wear. They tend to be more buildable so you can always add more if you want a little more coverage. Gone (I hope and pray!) are the days of caked on thick full coverage foundations. Full coverage foundations are really only necessary for those with a lot of hyperpigmentation, acne, or scarring.

Remember that you don’t ever need to feel like you need to hide who you are. Let your imperfections show. Flaunt those freckles. Scars tell your story. Don’t let foundation be a wall that hides you. Makeup is only meant to enhance the beauty you already have. You are already beautifully you.


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