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Foundation 102: Application

Ok gals, let’s talk foundation application. The goal with foundation is to melt it into your skin so that your foundation and your skin look one in the same. You don’t want someone to look at you and only see your foundation. You want them to see you!

The first tool I want to talk about is an overlooked tool that you can use to apply your foundation. If you don’t have a lot of money to invest or are just running low on time that morning...or your kiddos have stolen your beloved foundation brush so they could use it as a microphone or lightsaber (I have four kids so I wouldn’t know anything about this ;) can always use your fingers. When I’m in a hurry, I totally just use my fingers, using a smidge of foundation and rubbing it into my face like a moisturizer. Just make sure it’s good and rubbed in. A bonus with using your fingers is that the warmth of your fingers will melt the product making it more malleable.

How about that good ole’ beauty blender? Have you tried it yet? Is it foreign or intimidating? It’s really not that scary, I promise. First things first, you need to get it wet. Run it under water, squeeze it out, repeat. Do this a few times so the blender is good and wet and then wring it out one more time. Then put about a pea size amount of foundation on the back of your hand. Take the beauty blender and with the large side, dip it into the foundation and then sort of pat and roll the beauty blender all over your face. As you do this, it will help the foundation melt into your skin. The result should be a streak-free seamless and natural finish. I would use a beauty blender for cream, liquid, or tinted foundations. Use the pointy end to blend your foundation into the crevices of your face like around your eyes or nose. It’s also a great tool when blending in your concealer.

I really like using a kabuki brush for liquid foundations. It has dense bristles that help buff your foundation in to give you a nice airbrushed look. It’s also a great tool if you need extra coverage and want to layer your foundation a bit. Once again, put your foundation on the back of your hand, about a pea size amount, and after dipping your brush into it, buff your brush around your face using circular motions. If there are areas that need extra coverage, pick up a little more foundation with your brush and pat the brush on the area you want more coverage. Then buff it out again in circular motions until it’s all blended out.

For powder foundation, I would use a fluffy or more loosely packed bristled brush. With a fluffy brush you get light coverage for more of a no makeup-makeup look. You could also use a flat topped brush with your powder foundation which will give you more coverage if you want it. Swirl your brush in the powdered foundation and then move it in a circular motion on your face to buff it out for a seamless finish.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tools. Grab a big brush or beauty blender. Find what you like best. Most makeup stores let you return something if you don’t like it. So if you step out of your comfort zone and try something new and you don't like it, return it. If you do like it, bonus! Makeup is so personal. Find out what you like, what works for you. Have fun with it! Makeup is supposed to be fun!

Dont worry gals! I’m rounding up a list of my favorite foundation, so stay tuned!


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