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Studying Philippians

Every day for the last few months I've been studying a book of the Bible via email with a group of wonderful Christian women. We've moved from the book of Ruth, to 1 Peter, and now to Philippians.

Sounds like something you'd be interested in? It goes like this:

1) Pick a book of the Bible to study and find a trusted study book.

2) Gather email addresses of the women who'd like to join. Email them a link to the book you'll need to purchase.

3) Send out an introductory email with information on how many questions per day you'll do.

4) Begin the study! Send an email out each week day morning with the two questions of the day and your answers. Remind all the ladies to hit "reply all" when adding their answers to the questions.

5) Be flexible about how many questions you do a day! Some days you may want to spend more time on just one question than others.

The book we chose was John MacArthur's Philippians: Christ, the Source of Joy and Strength. An excellent book! Some ladies participate every week day, some miss a day, and some just read along with our answers. Our prayer is that we can be a blessing to each other as we read and study God's word together.


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